With employee engagement at all-time lows in the US, business owners must recognize the adverse impact this can have on their organizations. The most perfectly laid out marketing strategy can fall flat and not produce the desired results if carried out by an uninspired team. TribalVision Founder Chris Ciunci discusses practical steps companies and employees can take to ensure a motivated workforce is a priority versus an afterthought.

The only sensible agency/client arrangement today is one that fully aligns with the interest of your business. In this podcast, TribalVision Founder Chris Ciunci discusses the inspiration behind the creation of TribalVision and the newly defined business model that was born from years of frustration as a client. The result is a model that emphasizes strategy over tactics, outsourced partner networks versus full time staff and long term value creation versus short term profits.

Today, companies need to think about marketing in a whole new light. In this interview, Chris Ciunci discusses the need to develop a marketing strategy that becomes an essential part of your brand across all facets of the business. The idea is to create a distinct perceived difference — using a variety of marketing assets and touchpoints —in order to engage customers, build relationships and develop a tribe of passionate brand advocates that engage with your company.

With thousands of channels to choose from, the marketing possibilities for small business owners are more exciting and robust than ever. The resulting landscape is also complex and confusing. Chris Ciunci talks about the process of building a brand following by synthesizing the most pertinent elements of the online and offline worlds. He also speaks about the need to shift from a traditional sales-funnel mindset to one that focuses on strengthening a consumer’s decision journey with as organization.

Marketing can no longer be viewed as an isolated “department” silo’d from all other business units. Here, Chris Ciunci speaks about the importance of eliminating the ‘island’ of marketing – enabling marketing to be viewed as a way of life versus a department housed within four walls. Topics include the importance of defining clear and quantifiable objectives, the need to deliver relevant, targeted content to a defined audience, and the crucial role that performance metrics play in the overall picture.

Good dating and marketing have a lot in common. The days of interruptive techniques and hard-sell tactics are history. Today, it’s about giving prospects a genuine opportunity to learn what you’re about — so they can decide if a relationship with your company will really make sense for them. Chris Ciunci elaborates on these concepts, while describing how to humanize your company’s marketing and messaging to improve the overall customer experience.