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For those of us who have a real passion for marketing, there’s nothing else like it.

You can’t wait to dive into the next book or blogpost on the latestwisdom. You constantly seek out new technologies that can change the marketing landscape. For me, this passion started as a Psychology major while attending Swarthmore College. The teachings of Professor Barry Schwartz, now a widely recognized thought leader in the marketing field, sparked my interest in understanding human behavior and its effects in the business world.

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Marketing in the Trenches will broaden the conversation when exploring ways to achieve dramatic growth. Too often, marketing is viewed through the lens of isolated tactics and siloed initiatives that fail to maximize the marketing budget – and this book is here to change that. Instead of offering the same stagnant advice on traditional marketing tactics such as public relations, email campaigns, and SEO best practices, Ciunci frames marketing in a whole new light that is sure to unlock the potential of your marketing efforts.

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