My Story

Insights into Impact:
My Pursuit to Champion Small Business Success

In today’s complex business landscape, I’ve come to recognize that real, sustainable growth requires more than just effective marketing strategies. It demands an integrated understanding of every facet of a business, from its operations to its people. My current pursuit, Skayle 360, is born out of this very realization. It embodies my vision for guiding businesses towards holistic success. From my early days as an intern at Goldman Sachs, where I witnessed the power of a truly customer-centric business model, to my endeavor with TribalVision, which sought to disrupt the traditional agency model that favored agencies over their clients, my journey has been one of evolution and introspection. Now, with Skayle 360, I’ve expanded my scope, moving beyond mere marketing to holistically empower businesses of all sizes to thrive. Let’s embark on this journey together, as I unravel the milestones and insights that have paved the way to where I stand today.

1995 – 2000

A Taste of Entrepreneurship

With a burgeoning passion for understanding human behavior and equipped with an innate entrepreneurial drive, diving into marketing seemed like the destined path. Post-Swarthmore, I embarked on my first entrepreneurial journey, co-founding Keyline International Hong Kong, Ltd. This international trading venture, specializing in decorative glass products, established its roots in both Hong Kong and the USA.

Leading the sales and marketing fronts for an intense six years, I carved out a global clientele and cultivated lasting partnerships. This hands-on odyssey with Keyline wasn’t just about business mechanics; it was my initiation into the art of founding, nurturing, and growing a company from the ground up. This period didn’t merely teach me the ins and outs of business operations; it solidified my fervor for marketing, selling, and the exhilarating journey of bringing a vision to life. It was a holistic lesson, not only in the nuances of real-world business but also in understanding the heart and soul that goes into building a venture from scratch.

2001 – 2003

Back to School

Having tasted the real-world dynamics of business, I felt an urge to refine my knowledge base and equip myself with advanced strategies. This led me to the Yale School of Management to pursue an MBA. Yale’s curriculum wasn’t just academically rigorous—it was a deep dive into analytical mastery. From regression analysis to segmentation modeling and conjoint analysis, I immersed myself entirely into understanding the mathematical backbone of effective marketing. For two intense years, marketing wasn’t just a subject—it was my life’s focus.

A pivotal chapter during my Yale years was my role as a Summer Associate at Goldman Sachs. This wasn’t just another internship; it was a masterclass in adopting a customer-centric approach to business. At Goldman Sachs, I observed a business model that prioritized customer needs above all. Their unwavering commitment to clients and their profound dedication to serving them with utmost integrity deeply resonated with me. This invaluable insight—seeing firsthand how placing the customer at the heart of a business model could drive both loyalty and success—later became a foundational inspiration when I conceptualized TribalVision. It was a revelation about the kind of entrepreneur I wanted to be and the values I wanted my future ventures to uphold.

2010 – 2023

The Birth of TribalVision

At the Bank, I grew frustrated. While serving as CMO, I was constantly approached by marketing agencies pitching their services, each one promising the moon. But behind the flashy presentations, I saw a recurring theme: a focus on their profits rather than genuine client outcomes.

My time at Goldman Sachs taught me the power of a customer-centric approach, and my analytical foundation from Yale fueled my determination. I envisioned a different kind of agency, one rooted in transparency and client success above all.

This vision materialized as TribalVision—a groundbreaking, outsourced marketing firm that disrupted the status quo. Gone were the commissions and markups typical of traditional agencies. Instead, for roughly the price of hiring an in-house marketer, clients gained access to a top-tier team, equipped with diverse expertise and laser-focused on measurable results.

Our approach mirrored that of a dedicated CMO. We didn’t just strategize; we executed, partnering closely with our clients to ensure alignment at every step. From crafting strategic roadmaps to hands-on execution, we became an extension of our clients’ teams. This commitment to an integrated strategy and action earned us the trust of not just startups but also established companies with in-house marketing departments.

TribalVision wasn’t just another agency—it was a response to an industry often disconnected from genuine client success. We raised the standard, reminding businesses everywhere of what true partnership looks like.


Shaping the Future with Skayle 360

The culmination of my diverse experiences over the years has given birth to my most ambitious venture yet, Skayle 360. Drawing on insights from TribalVision and witnessing first-hand the limitations of a purely marketing-focused approach to achieve growth, I realized that sustainable growth requires a holistic “360” perspective.

Skayle 360 was established to address this very need. Going beyond the typical, I wanted to equip businesses with a comprehensive framework that considers every facet of their operations. It’s not just about marketing or sales; it’s about the synergy of strategy, team dynamics, operational processes, and harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as AI. It’s about the intricate fabric of a business, analyzed and enhanced with a 360-degree lens.

Having interfaced with countless businesses over the years, I also recognized the immense knowledge gap many small business leaders grapple with. This propelled me to distill my vast experiences and learnings into a pragmatic training program, which flows from my recently published book, “SCALE UP”. Through Skayle 360, I’m on a mission to share this wealth of knowledge. From dynamic training workshops to tailored 1:1 training sessions, I delve deep, helping businesses identify bottlenecks, devise strategies, and ultimately unlock unprecedented growth.

By choosing to partner with Skayle 360, businesses aren’t just accessing a proven growth blueprint. They’re embarking on a transformative journey, one that promises not only increased revenues but also a profound organizational evolution. My goal is to lift businesses to a vantage point where they can truly dominate their sectors, thriving in today’s hyper-competitive landscape. If you’re a visionary leader, eager to redefine your industry and push boundaries, I’m here, eager to listen and help chart a transformative path forward.