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7 Questions to Ask When Vetting an Outsourced Marketing Firm

Under the right circumstances, outsourcing your marketing can be one of the smartest decision you’ll make with your business strategy. Whether you are looking to compliment your existing team’s efforts or are fully outsourcing your marketing efforts, hiring a team of marketing experts can be a powerful solution. A reputable outsourced marketing firm can bring a depth of expertise and library of lead generation deliverables that an internal hire will be unable to match.

The Rise of Account-Based Marketing

Traditional marketing is dying.

I know, I know. There are a million think-pieces that have been saying the same thing for years, but there is a kernel of truth to it. Did you know only 18% of television ads generate a positive ROI? Even just 15 years ago, the thought that television commercials would perform so poorly was almost unthinkable, and now it’s just a fact of doing business. Look at your own life—do you actively watch commercials? Or do you mute ads, answer emails on your phone, scroll through Facebook, and do anything in your power to not pay attention to them?

10 Tools to Transform Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

Building a business is expensive. From upfront investments to staffing costs, the expenses can start to rack up as a business grows. The debt can be daunting, and cash flow often poses a challenge. This doesn’t mean that the effort won’t pay off – but it does mean that finding economical ways to transform your business along the way is key.

You may not have the budget to build a top-tier marketing team full of specialized experts or a massive sales team bolstered by a premium CRM tool and call center, but there are numerous tools that can help you along the way at minimal cost.

10 Marketing Tips To Drive Topline Growth

A robust plan should consist of six key sections – beginning with market research, followed by messaging and positioning and eventually leading into an actionable implementation Gantt chart prioritizing tactical milestones.

What Good Dating and Marketing Have in Common

If there’s one thing to remember about today’s consumers, it’s this:
They’ve seen it all. As a result, the modern courtship of a potential customer is a more complex process than ever. People want to get a sense of who you really are. They also need to compare notes with trusted associates and through social-network connections.

Here are a few key perspectives to keep in mind as you approach the prospects that best fit your individual strategy for business growth and development.

Key Considerations For Building Your Tribe

Suddenly, we’re living in a world of vertical niches. It’s a world where, even for large companies, it is no longer cost-effective to try to reach tens of millions of consumers with a single, generic message.

The concept of building a tribe is not only revolutionizing how marketing is performed, but is in concert with the way people interact and communicate on a daily basis. The idea is to build a hub of interactions that becomes the unifying factor for people who are aligned with your message and brand story.

Why Outsourcing Your Marketing Makes More Sense Than Ever

In today’s unsettled economic climate, there is simply no leeway for companies to accept average results and sub-standard execution. Due to the proliferation of diverse marketing and media options, it’s also more difficult than ever to create and maintain an in-house department with the requisite depth and breadth of knowledge.

As a result, small and mid-size enterprises are increasingly looking to outsource partners to streamline and unify their overall marketing effort. The reasons for doing this speak to the wide range of daily and long-term challenges faced by the typical marketer. Some of those challenges and solutions outsourcing provides are discussed below.

10 Marketing Questions Every CEO Should Ask

Marketing has long been thought of as part art and part science. While creative and innovative thinking still play a major role throughout the process, a wide range of post-modern tools are now available to bring more and more science into the equation. Companies with leaders who embrace these tools will enjoy a distinct advantage of the competition.

With the marketing landscape evolving at lightning speed, there are a
number of key concepts that CEOs need to get their arms around in order to execute a focused, productive and profitable marketing effort. Here are ten to consider.

10 Marketing Mistakes That Many Companies Make

Like many initiatives undertaken by a busy enterprise, marketing is subject to natural tendencies that can hinder the overall effectiveness of the effort.

The fact is, we all have a tendency to fall into patterns – to focus on immediate issues while losing sight of the big picture, and to rely on ‘tried and true’ methods that are actually becoming outdated and ineffective.